Women's Leather Backpack

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Going to the movies, out to eat, religious gatherings, schools, events, or just want it by your bed side, our leather backpacks can protect your loved ones, giving you peace of mind if trouble ever comes! 

ASFALEIA's Concealed Carry Women's Backpacks are designed to handle your daily needs with style, offering a large main compartment with custom lining as well as plenty of extra storage pockets. It's beautiful finish, clean, elegant Italian designer look with navy tartan plaid details in some, reliable craftsmanship in sturdy leather, and quality golden hardware incorporates an unidentifiable magnetic closure CCW pocket. The gun pocket has quick access for either right or left-handed use and is designed to accommodate many sizes of guns. 

Our Patent-Pending Magnetic Closure CCW pockets allow you to overcome the adrenaline effect, so you can quickly open the CCW pocket without fumbling over zipper pulls! And it has the fastest draw in the industry.

Our Women's Backpacks also have a patent-pending plate carrier pocket inside that holds a 10" x 12" Ballistic Armor Panel, so you can use it as a shield to protect yourself during an active shooter situation. 

The Ballistic Armor (Bulletproof) Panels are optional. You can purchase Level IIIA or Level III Panels for those who prefer a higher level of protection. 

To purchase the Ballistic Armor go to our Ballistic Armor Page.

Asfaleia's designer women's concealed carry backpacks are available in different color leathers: Black, Brown, Navy, Pink, and Orange. 

CCW Pockets are optional except for student backpacks

Size: 12.5" L x 15.5" H x 6" W