Soft Armor Plates

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ASFALEIA's Type IIIA Soft Armor Plates are NIJ 0101.06 compliant and tested to provide superior protection from handgun rounds. This ultralight soft insert is available in all vest patterns as well as OEM Armor Specifications. This allows for the ultimate in flexibility and comfort for the operator to use these inserts with existing carriers. Note that Type IIIA Inserts are not intended to stop rifle rounds.

Type IIIA Soft Armor Insert weighs 1.17 pounds per square foot and it is 0.275 inches. It is made form 3000D Twaron Microlam and defeats the following threats, .44 MAG SJHP, FN SS197, .357 SIG FMJ, .357 Magnum, and 9mm FMJ HP.

We make four sizes to fit inside our t-shirt plate carriers which are available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, & 3XL sizes. You can also use them as a hard plate backer. Also available in any custom cuts or sizes.

All Ballistic Armor is TSA compliant and you can freely travel throughout the USA with our armor products as they are legal in every state to carry with you and have on your person.