LED Light Concealed Carry Tote Handbag in Dustpink

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Asfaleia introduces our new LED Light Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Tote Handbag with ballistic armor panels you can use as a shield! With our light inside the bag, seeing in the dark will never be an issue again. No more stumbling around to find your wallet or keys with this bag. Simply open the handbag like you always do and the LED Light will automatically turn on, and when you close the bag the lights will automatically turn itself off. The LED light works via a reed switch that is connected to our magnetic sensors installed in the flaps of the main pocket opening. Don't worry about leaving the light on because our light will automatically shut off, and our 2600 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery has about 1000 open cycles and will recharge 500 - 1000 times before it needs to be replaced, so it's sure to last a long time! 

Is your cell phone out of power again? No worries because you can charge your cell phone with our battery, and when it is time to recharge our battery you simply remove it from its dedicated pocket and charge it with a standard micro USB cord, which is included. Traveling with our light bag is not an issue since carry on lithium-ion batteries are allowed by the TSA, so our battery is travel safe!

Asfaleia's Bulletproof Tote Bag with interior light is an easy way to add both concealed carry capability and ballistic armor panels to an item you already use every day without giving up any of the features your top designer already pampers you with. Our adjustable tote handbag offers a beautifully luxurious Italian design, supple, full grain genuine leather and golden hardware in impeccable craftsmanship with a quick-access, patent-pending, unidentifiable concealed carry weapon pocket that accommodates many gun sizes, convenient for right or left-hand use. This concealed carry purse features a flat base with protective metal feet, an optional shoulder strap allowing easy and comfortable carrying which are slash-proof for theft deterrence, plenty of storage space with an interior zip, wall and smartphone pockets, and custom Asfaleia lining.

Our LED Light Concealed Carry Tote Handbag also has a patent-pending plate carrier pocket inside that holds a 8" x 10" Ballistic Armor Panel, but what makes this Asfaleia LED Light Tote Handbag so special is that it can be used as a shield during an active shooter situation, and we believe it has the fastest draw of a weapon from any CCW Tote Handbag in the market.

The Ballistic Armor Panels are optional. You can purchase Level IIIA, Level III ICW, or Level III Panels for those who prefer a higher level of protection. 

To purchase the Ballistic Armor go to our Ballistic Armor Page.

ASFALEIA's LED Light Concealed Carry Tote Handbag is available in your choice of: Black, Brown, Navy, Pink, and Purple.

Tote Handbag Size: 13.5" L x 10" H x 5.5" W

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