Girls' Leather Backpack

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Going to the movies, out to eat, church, schools, events, or just want it by their bed side, our backpacks can protect you and your loved ones, giving you peace of mind if trouble ever comes! 

Asfaleia's girls leather backpack functions beautifully for school and weekend activities with its fashionably good looks, excellent high-quality leather, navy tartan plaid detail in the front on some products, durable hardware craftsmanship, convenient top handle, two way zipper closure, and all the storage pockets and compartment space a young woman could want. It even sports designer extras like custom lining with the Asfaleia logo and golden hardware. All the safety most parents are eager to provide their children is possible with our Asfaleia bags.

What makes this Backpack so special is that it can be used as a shield during an active shooter situation. Our design allows you to insert your arm through a pocket on the back that extends to the other side of the backpack so you can hold it just as you would a shield. In an active shooter situation you can move the backpack around to the position you most need it, unlike other backpacks that remain at a fixed position. Because our student backpacks are being held via the arm, the impact from any rifle or pistol round would only affect the arm and not other critical body areas like the chest. 

With Asfaleia's ballistic armor backpack design, now children's school backpacks can be part of the parents' safety plan. Our design gives the appearance of being nothing more than a nice, quality, full grain genuine leather backpack.

The ballistic panels are light weight making them perfect for our backpacks providing superior protection from handgun, shotgun, or rifle rounds depending on the ballistic panel you choose.

The Ballistic Armor Panels are optional. You can purchase Level IIIA or Level III Panels for those who prefer a higher level of protection. This product fits Ballistic Panels that are 12-inches-long by 10-inches-tall.

To purchase the Ballistic Armor go to our Ballistic Armor Page.

Asfaleia's Girls Bulletproof Backpack is available in your choice of five colors:  Brown, Navy, Black, Pink, & Orange

Size: 12.5" L x 15.5" H x 6" W