ASFALEIA (pronounced "as-fall'-ya" in Greek) means safety - something we all feel a need for. The news in the headlines, and the violence in communities around us, is enough to make even the most trusting person take immediate action to protect themselves and their family.

At ASFALEIA, we stand with you in your desire to be proactive. We offer luxury, designer concealed carry handbags and tactical concealed carry weapon (CCW) bags like none other that exist on the market today. Our bags and backpacks exhibit top-grade craftsmanship, and they are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials.

What really sets ASFALEIA bags apart from all the others, is that ASFALEIA bags come with an optional Level IIIA ballistic armor panel that can be used as a self-defense shield in an active shooter situation. If you need an additional level of protection we offer Level III ICW and Level III rifle panels as well. Here at ASFALEIA, the Level III ICW is our favorite ballistic armor panel because it is very lightweight, weighing just 2.2 pounds. It can stop bullet penetration from AR15 and AK47 rifle ammunition rounds. For the government, police or military, we offer two additional plate levels which are Level III ++ and Level IV.

ASFALEIA, Sophisticated Style, Unparalleled Protection. No one can control everything around them. But, common sense and intelligent preventative measures can go a long way toward creating “ASFALEIA” for you and your family.