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Handguns In America: Living the Concealed Carry Lifestyle

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Handguns have been a focal point for American gun owners and are beloved for many reasons. Whether it’s related to them all being easily concealable, their comfortability factor, or their balanced and convenient size and shooting ability, there isn’t much not to like.  The question is: how do you work your handgun into your current lifestyle to ensure maximum protective effects?  The answer: Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) bags or backpacks. Combined, these supreme supplements to your lifestyle are a great solution for becoming more assertive in meeting your personal protection goals.  Let’s look at the current state of handguns in the U.S. and what it really means to live a Concealed Carry lifestyle while owning a handgun.


Handguns in America

America has grown since the days of our founding fathers, to become a country that is dedicated to the 2nd Amendment.  The right to bear arms began as a humble opposition a nationalized standing army during times of peace.  Since being written into our Constitution nearly 250 years ago, the 2nd Amendment has evolved into becoming a way of life for millions of Americans.  Then, in 1892 the first handgun was mass produced, leading to the surge in popularity of various concealed carry options.  In the past, more than 125 years since then, handguns have become the preferred method of protection for gun owners with 70% having at least one (1) handgun in their arsenal.  Even though only about one third of U.S. citizens own guns, there's still about one gun per person. 


Concealed Carry Lifestyle

While some only use their guns for personal home protection, others choose to protect themselves at home and while they’re out and about via CCW bags or backpacks.  This "concealed-carry lifestyle" pertains to more than 13 million Americans who have taken the time to become licensed to carry a concealed weapon. That’s more than 12 times the number of police officers and detectives in U.S. combined!

Carrying a concealed handgun has been known to make an individual feel more confident and comfortable knowing that they are ready if danger presents itself to them.  But, leading a concealed carry lifestyle isn’t solely about personal protection. It’s also a duty of the highest standard of conduct since the individual is essentially putting themselves in a position to be responsible for the lives of others around them at all times. Deciding to carry a concealed handgun means that you have decided to potential victim and you are no man’s prey.

Adjusting to the Concealed Carry lifestyle shouldn’t be something that takes you a long time to adapt to.  In the end, this lifestyle is more of a mindset than anything.  One thing (of many) to remember is that your concealed handgun should only be used as a last-resort.  The mindset that you should employ for this lifestyle should reinforce personal awareness and avoidance of danger, rather than seeking out danger because you have a concealed handgun with you.The more you utilize this mindset, the less you’ll be likely to have to use your handgun, which will help you enjoy life exponentially more.  With the right practice and products, you can seamlessly make the transition to living a concealed carry lifestyle too!

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