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CCW Handbags Over Holsters

2nd Amendment CCW Concealed Carry Handgun Personal Protection Right to Carry

A deadly force attack can come from any angle, at any time, and any place.  That’s the argument that most Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) holster companies use to deter people from carrying away from their body.  The fact remains that over 90% of defensive encounters occur from less than 7 feet away, making it that much more important to feel comfortable, not restricted when defending yourself.  Having your weapon in a holster attached on your hip in these cases might make you feel more at ease, but in the moment, might not be the best solution for personal protection.  In this article, we look at the differences between CCW holsters and CCW handbags and disclose the real-world applications for using a CCW handbags over holsters.


CCW Holsters

There are many on-body CCW positions that gun owners look to utilize daily.  Here are a few of the notable positions:

  • Outside Waistband (OWB) Carry
  • Inside Waistband (IWB) Carry
  • Belly Band Carry
  • Shoulder Harness
  • ThighCarry
  • Pocket Carry
  • Ankle Carry

These CCW positions are what many gun rights advocates tell the masses is the only solution for stopping an assailant in their tracks.  Unfortunately, the angle and position of these CCW draw points is sometimes too dramatic for an individual to utilize without sacrificing reaction time.  If you get knocked down and your CCW holster gets pinned against the ground, it is of no use to you.  Same goes for if you are immobile and cannot bend to reach your ankle holster or reach across your body with your free hand to access your shoulder harness holster. 

The practicality of these on-body CCW holsters is completely dependent on how you can change your wardrobe to accommodate the holster.  Simply wearing what you normally wear with a CCW holster is not enough.  You must also supplement your wardrobe with a solid belt to support your holster and looser fitting clothing.  Now that we’re getting into winter, wearing extra layers to cover up a CCW holster might be doable, but in the summer when the temperature hits triple digits, wearing loose clothing and/or extra layers isn’t really an option.


CCW Handbags

If you’re not feeling confident in what you’re wearing because it’s restrictive or features an unnecessary amount of fabrics, you’re not going to be confident when it comes to drawing your weapon on an assailant.  That’s where CCW handbags have CCW holsters beat.  Many advocates for holsters say that it’s easier for someone to reach into or grab your weapon from your CCW handbag as it’s not as properly concealed as most CCW holsters.  Although this notion may be true for some CCW bags and backpacks on the market, it isn’t for our CCW handbag which feature a CCW pocket that is truly concealed.  If nobody knows there is a gun inside even after intricate inspection, it’s just as good of an option as an on-body CCW holster.

The part that gives our CCW handbag the edge over traditional CCW holsters is the everyday versatility. No, we’re not just talking about fashion again…we’re talking about consistent environmental usage.  For example: you’re out walking at a public event during a sweltering heat wave.  Your body might be sweaty, which then would cause your CCW holster to be sweaty as well and lead to you fumbling around trying to get your weapon out of its holster.  On the other hand, your Asfaleia Ballistic Armor Tote Handbag won’t succumb to the elements, thus giving you a far superior reaction time than you would achieve from a CCW holster.


Wrap Up

In the end, it’s better to have a handgun in your handbag than no gun at all.  Having to alter your entire wardrobe to accommodate your handgun isn’t exactly something that most women are prepared to do.  The option for supplementing your current, comfortable wardrobe with a CCW handbag might be the most responsible thing that you can do for your personal safety and the protection of those around you as well.

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