Its a GREAT Backpack!

Lester Osborne on Aug 17, 2019

These are some of the best made bags I have ever handled. Constructed to do the job that you want it to do. 
I have the back pack that has a concealed holster in the back that is totally accessible through the magnetized and very well hidden pocket on the back of the pack. I placed a 1911 45 in the holster which is Velcroed with an industrial grade Velcro. I threw the pack, shook the pack, dropped the pack, turned it upside down and the pistol stayed in place and not once did the backpacks magnets fail to hold the pocket securely closed. I am totally impressed with this product. I also use it just to carry my other things, it's like an office on the go. Next step will be to place the Ballistic Armor Panel in it which also do what they are intended to do, protection at it's finest, next I'm getting a couple hand bags for the girls to carry for protection.. 
Don't Wait , You could be to Late !!!

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